Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine


Nancy and I have just revised our will.
This is not the first time we have revised it. From the time we made our first will, over 50 years ago, we have changed our will a dozen times or more. But there is one aspect of our will that has remained the same over the years. And that is the inclusion each time of 10% of our estate to our church or favorite charity.

Approaching his 85th B-day, Don figured it was about time to retire.

Though we have always tithed on our income, it has seemed appropriate that we should also tithe on our appreciated assets. Thus, it is not surprising that when Nancy and I sold our country home and Christmas tree business several months ago, that we should have included Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine in our will. After all, we were the founders. But more than that, our hearts are in Ukraine, and in the 23 years of its existence, we have seen the enormous good that SMU has accomplished in the numerous lives that have been touched and transformed by the love of Christ.

I don’t know of any organization that has accomplished so much with so little in ministering to the poor. One reason is that we have a very low overhead. We run a “lean” organization. We maximize every dollar. We also depend a lot on volunteers, grow some of our own food, go after government grants, and have established a number of businesses, which help to subsidy our work. All of our businesses give at least 10 to 30% of their profits to support SMU. Our donors like what they see. As a result, many people who have their “roots” in Volhynia regularly support our work.

Nancy continues to raise funds for SMU through her lavender endeavors.
In our much giving to Ukraine over the years, and now in the final disposition of our will, Nancy and I want to see the work go on, so that it will continue long after we’re gone. For us, it’s not just a donation to a good cause; it’s an investment in a bright future.