Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine


Good news! We have just finalized the purchase of a modern two-story building which will serve as our new SMU home.

The building is strategically located in the Zhitomir downtown area near the university. It is on the main bus line, and as an added bonus, within walking distance of Alex and Vika’s home. Because of your faithful financial support and God’s perfect timing, we were able to acquire the building for $75,000, which is well below the current market value.

The building, originally constructed as a home, was built in 2000. It is ideally suited for our expanding ministries. The ground floor has a kitchen, bathroom, reception room, an office and a larger meeting room, and the second floor has the potential for five counseling offices and a reception area.

“This is indeed good news for me,” Alex said good-naturedly, “I have been using the Samaritan van as my office for the past seven or eight years. Now, I will have my own office.” Vika is likewise elated, in that it will give her the necessary space for the growing Life Skills Center, the developing Coaching Ministry, and the need for an administrative office.

This will greatly enhance our effectiveness and outreach, especially since there is a dormitory housing project for low income families nearby.

Although the building is in good repair and will need only minor cosmetic upgrading with new wallpaper and area rugs, etc., we will need to furnish the rooms. Beginning with the kitchen, which was totally stripped by the previous owners as is customary in Ukraine, we will need to purchase a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, cupboards and small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker.

Also, the counseling offices will each need to be furnished with a desk, several comfortable chairs and a sleep sofa (in order to accommodate you when you visit), a file cabinet and bookshelf. In addition, lamps and pictures will be needed. The cost will be about $5,000 to $6,000.

We would like to invite you to participate in furnishing our new center. Here are some estimated costs for you to consider in whole or increments of $50 to $100.

Counseling offices (4 @ $600 each)_____________________________$2,400
Lawn Mower____________________________________________$350
Small appliances__________________________________________$50
Dishes, silverware, etc.______________________________________$300

If everyone gives a thread, the poor will soon have a shirt— Old Russian Proverb. US checks should be made payable to Good Neighbor Network and sent to Nancy Miller, 12814 NW Bishop Rd., Hillsboro, OR 97124. Canadian check should be made payable to HART and sent to HART, #106, 90 Freeport Blvd., Calgary, AB T3J 5J9, Canada. Mark your check Zhitomir Headquarters.