Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine


As a Life and Leadership Coach, I was excited to be conducting seminars in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Coaching is a new concept to Ukraine, but although few had ever worked with a coach, businessmen and women, as well as ministry leaders, were eager to learn.

But that’s not the only reason I’m excited to be here….

90 years ago my grandparents fled the Ukraine , near Zhitomyr, for fear of their lives. And here I was, 90 years later, teaching and training in the Ukraine.

Val Hastings with the leaders of Victory church and SMU

Over the weekend I visited the mass grave where my great uncle and many, many others were executed. This reminded me of the “worst of humanity”. Then during today’s training, I saw a much different world. The Ukrainian people embraced the idea of bringing out the best in each other and developing deep mutual respect for each other.

Zhitomyr is a great reminder to me that people CAN change.

“Thank you Ukraine, for this great reminder.”
J Val Hastings.

Val Hastings coaching Zhenia, a director of the rehab center in Zhitomir

“To use the strength of the person to get him from good to better is what I like about coaching. We all have strength and if we build our life on them we can have a totally new prospective of where we could be and what we can reach., This all goes well with SMU mission to teach people to help themselves and to encourage them to become Samaritans” Alex Brzhezytski, SMU national director.

“Powerful questions and deep listening skills helped me a lot, when I set down with the newly graduate of our center to set the priorities for next three months of his life.” Michael Kozhuhar, director of New Life rehab center.