Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine


Can’t you see him?

He pulls his collar up against the freezing winter wind as it cuts through his flimsy jacket. Shivering and afraid, he wanders out on the street. He’s hungry, lost and lonely. At night he finds shelter in the doorway of an old abandoned building in the downtown area.

He’s homeless.

His name is Sergie Bondarenko (not his real name). He is 58 years old. After his wife died of cancer, his alcoholic children kicked him out of his apartment. In his despair, he lost hope. He slept on the ground with a piece of cardboard wrapped around him, because he didn’t have a blanket. People avoided him.

Now he has a home at the shelter in Zhitomir. The shelter is the first of its kind in the city of 300,000. Vlad, the Director of the Center is enthusiastic about his ministry to the homeless. “We’re doing what we can to rescue the homeless and give them a new life,” he says. “Once you’re on the street, people look at you differently. You’re no longer Sergie with a job, wife and two kids. You’re nothing — a nobody.

“We provide overnight shelter, food, clean clothes, addiction help, job training, and life-skills development. But it doesn’t end there. We make it possible through the transforming love of Jesus for men and women to rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

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