Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine

New Life Out of Ashes

Addicted to drugs and alcohol, ashes were all Michael Kozhuhar had left in his life when he entered the New Life Rehabilitation Center in 2012. Today, however, Michael is the director of the center!

Michael’s life showed much promise when he graduated from the top law university in Ukraine and became a prosecutor in Kiev. His success soon led him into alcohol and drug use and the fast lane in Kiev. Eventually his career and family were destroyed in the fire of his addiction. Finally his deteriorating health led him in desperation to the New Life Center in Vigoda for treatment.

Michael found more than freedom from drugs. He found a new vision and purpose for his life. Through an intimate relationship with Christ, his family relationships have been restored and he was given a leadership position in Victory Church.

Michael openly states, “I am living with the consequences of my former life — Hepatitis, TB and HIV. But now I use the gifts God has given me to bring new life to others who are where I once was.”

A visionary director, Michael realizes that the recovered addicts need not only freedom from drugs, but also skills to build a new life.

Michael and Alex Brhzezytsky, National Director of Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine, are building a model sustainable farm where the men can work and learn skills to support themselves and their families once they leave the center. This includes raising chickens, rabbits, calves, produce and the development of a greenhouse. The farm will soon feature a state of the art incubator and meat smoking facility.

SMU’s goal is to establish a Samaritan Training center in cooperation with New Life Center which will serve many young men and women in learning a variety of life skills. Like Michael, out of the ashes of their lives, many Ukrainians will be equipped to live the Samaritan Way of life — which is to love God, others, and self.