“I thought my life was over,” said Andrey Zabihailo after he lost his leg in the fight against the Russians in
Eastern Ukraine.

Andrey was deeply depressed and became addicted to the drugs and alcohol that he was treated with. (See earlier newsletter on Andrey’s story – February 28, 2019.)

“I was bitter, suspicious and angry when I arrived at New Life Center in Vygoda.”

“But I could not resist the love and care of the guys who ministered to me at the center. As a result, I found Jesus and it changed my life.”
Graduation with the New Life Center students.
After completing rehabilitation, Andrey became both a mentor and an example for other students as he is constantly challenging himself and taking on new projects.

One example is his intense involvement in sports. He is a participant in sport competitions for war veterans with disabilities. He performed at two of the largest competitions – Heroes Games and Strength of the Nation.
Heroes Games Competition

Andrey is very worried about the future of the soldiers who returned from the war.

“Being in rehabilitation, I prayed and asked God, how can I serve? And then I met a man who advised me to apply for a chaplain training. And I realized that this is my calling.”

Today, Andrey spiritually supports soldiers and veterans. He takes part in various volunteer projects. Now he is working on raising money to buy a car so that he and a team of chaplains can go to the Joint Forces Operation zone in the East of Ukraine. Despite the loss of his leg, Andrey is a real Samaritan as he helps others.
The chaplaincy service

Two weeks ago, Andrey pleased the SMU team with great news about his wedding. “I saw her on a bus in Vygoda and told myself that she would be my wife.”

Congratulations to Andrey and his wife Natalia. God has a special plan for them.

Zabihailo family

SMU team