Elderly in Serbo Slobodka receive food boxes.

“I was surprised by two things,” said Alex Brzhezytsky, SMU National Director, regarding his recent trip to villages to deliver food and supplies. SMU Bookkeeper, Sasha Gerasymchuk, assisted him. “First, how even the elderly who live in remote villages know about the corona virus. Secondly, how life continues on despite the pandemic. Many villagers were out working on their gardens. Despite troubling news and a bare bones existence, they have hope for the future.”

Donna Baelye, a 2019 Roots Tour member, made a donation to help the most needy in her forefather’s village.

Our Samaritan leaders in each of our centers will continue to identify and assist the most needy in their communities with food baskets. Each basket costs approximately $35 each for two weeks of provisions. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause havoc in Ukraine, SMU will consider ways to aid the victims with our available resources.

Thank you for your part in this endeavor.

Alex Brzhezytsky, National Director of SMU