Discussion of quarantine conditions at a meeting with widows

The Coronavirus hits Ukraine. Quarantines. No bus services. Restaurants and shopping centers are closed. Those who are able to, work online.

Many Ukrainians react to the virus with fear and uncertainty. SMU staff, however, quickly stepped up to the challenge.

“Our main task,” said Yana Vozniuk, administrative assistant to SMU core team, “is to stop the spread of the virus.”
Artem Bertchuk, Director of the Pulyny Widows House, with a quarantine announcement at the entrance to the building
At greatest risk are the elderly women living in the Pulyny Widows House and Korosten Shelter. Now in quarantine, the widows are being taught about how to protect themselves and stop the spread of the infection. The directors of the centers have stocked up on medicine and food in case the situation worsens. Slav Yuhimets, director of the Korosten Shelter said, “We hope for the best, but must prepare for the worst.”

Counseling in the Life Skills Center in Zhytomyr is now being done online. “For most clients, the online format works well,” said Victoria Brzhezytska, center director. “Others do not have privacy at home and are anxiously waiting to return to the center.”

The guys from the New Life Center disinfect their hands before entering the house.

“The guys at the New Life Rehab Center in Vygoda do not leave the center. They hold church services in the center. They clean the house often. Unfortunately,” said Center Director Michael Kozhuhar, “we cannot take any new people into the program during this time.”

Olga Prokopchuk, SMU nurse in Naydorf, said that use of the clinic has dropped off as many people are afraid to leave their houses. A big problem is that there are no masks available. “We have to sew them ourselves,” she said.

“The work on the Vygoda Training Center continues,” said Igor Kalinchuck, director. “The guys work in groups of 2-3 and we are focused on planning.”

Nadia Petrik, a widow from Pulyny, sews gauze masks.

“Teens in Pulyny will continue their Leadership School lessons online and we plan other online classes,” said Nadia Siryk, center director in Pulyny.

“We invite every Samaritan to pray. God is our help in the time of trouble. This will not only enable us to remain calm and not be frightened, but it will release the power of God in our lives to remain physically health and strong,” shared Donald Miller, Founder of SMU.

Yana Vozniuk, administrative assistant to SMU core team.