Four international Samaritans touched the hearts of Samaritans in Ukraine as they brought their expertise to support SMU’s work recently.

“I was greatly humbled,” said Michael Wasilewski, London, England. “SMU cares for the young, the widows, and others who need support. Through love, commitment, and energy, communities are embued with warmth and caring.”

Wasilewski, who came to teach men website design, also had the opportunity to participate in one of Pulyny’s Summer Camp sessions. “I had – and saw – so much joy. SMU staff are in the business of building futures. I see them expanding and reaching out with more and wider plans and initiatives.”

“For over ten years,” said Nancy Iott, Wayne, PA, USA, “I have observed the ways that God has worked through SMU, connecting the dots, the people, and the circumstances to bring light into one corner of Ukraine.”

This summer, Nancy assisted in various projects in Pulyny – including the teaching of English. “SMU’s goal of dealing with the heart and helping a person find his or her own strength, makes all the difference.”

“It was great to see two crews and gentlemen from the rehab center all working away at the construction and to see such good teamwork and support in Ukraine and stateside leading this effort on the new Vigoda Samaritan Training Center,” said Clarke Stoesz, Berthoud, CO, USA, Director of Ukraine Orphan Outreach.

Mike Sonnenberg, Montreat, NC, USA, has been bringing his expertise to SMU projects for a number of years. This year, one fun project he brought to Pulyny was the game Nine in the Sky. It was an immediate hit with young people.

It’s the smiles, the joy, the energy that make the difference as International and Ukrainian Samaritans interact.

SMU Editorial Staff