Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

“It is the first time I have gotten out in three months! Thank you so much for hosting this event,” was frequently echoed at the Helvetia Lavender Farm Market in July.

Previously a large scale festival, the event was restructured to meet the safety requirements necessitated by the coronavirus. Reservations and masks were required, and attendance was limited to eighty people in two hour slots.

Due to the smaller number of participants, the event was low key and relaxing. Staff were able to chat with many of our guests, who were delighted at the opportunity to be out in the country enjoying the lavender and beautiful scenery.

The event resulted in approximately $15,000 funds raised to support Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine!

Pulyny, Zhytomyr Oblast, UKRAINE

The Pulyny Lavender Festival has been a highlight of the Zhytomyr region for the last three years.

“Every year the Festival becomes larger. Due to the quarantine, however, we had to make many changes,” said Yana Vozniuk, Administrative Assistant at the Pulyny Center.

“The restrictions are similar to those in the United States: limited participants at the location, masks and social distancing. We were really worried about how people would perceive the new format,” said Nadiya Siryk, Director of Pulyny Center, “but everything turned out even better than we expected!”

“The Pulyny Lavender Festival was especially calm and soulful this year,” said Yana. “The smaller format created an opportunity to both enjoy the beauty of lavender and to interact with meaningfully with participants and staff.”

SMU Editorial staff