Can we influence the future? Arthur Levitsky is proof that we can.

“Arthur was a shy child,” said Yana Vozniuk, assistant director of the Pulyny Center. As his next-door neighbor, Yana watched Arthur change.

“At school, I often felt uncomfortable,” said Arthur. “It was difficult for me to communicate with peers as I was too shy to even speak. But one day I found out that classmates with whom I really wanted to make friends attended a summer camp. And I decided to go with them.”

Arthur liked the camp “Change Life for the Better” led by SMU Staff at the Pulyny Center so much that he decided to join the group of teenagers in the SMU Teen Leadership School.

“At these meetings I found not only new friends, but also myself, ” said Arthur. “I learned how to work in a team, cope with my emotions, and solve problems – important leadership skills that continue to help me as a student now.”

Arthur rarely missed a class during the three years he was part of the leadership school.

“We studied interesting topics and reinforced them with practical and interesting exercises. It was a great time. I am pleased to be part of a large team of volunteers.”

Today Arthur is studying to be a meteorologist at the Polytechnic University in Zhytomyr. Despite his busy student schedule, he is always open to talk with and help others.
“My friends and I are immensely grateful to Nadia Siryk (Director of Pulyny Center) and other Samaritans, who want to change the world for the better. Thank you all!”

Yana Vozniuk, Administrative assistant to SMU core team