He’s an example to all of us.

His name is Andrey Zabigaylo. He is 34 years old. He came to our Rehab Center in Vigoda seven months ago. In 2014 Andrey quit work as a policeman in Kremenchuk, Eastern Ukraine, to join the Ukrainian Army Forces when Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine.

He was a commander of a mechanized unit on the front line. It had only a week left for his tour of duty when his post was attacked at night. Andrey was badly injured. He found himself in the hospital. The only way to save his life was to amputate his right leg.

It was a huge shock for him when he woke up in the morning after amputation to find himself disabled. Deep depression set in. Andrey was treated with drugs and alcohol. Eventually, he made his way to our New Life Center in Vigoda.

Andrey said, “When I arrived, I was bitter, suspicious and angry. But I could not resist the love and care of the guys who ministered to me. As a result, I found Jesus and it changed my life.”

Andrey graduated from our Rehab Center and now serves as a mentor. In spite of having only one leg, Andrey stays active and useful. He seldom complains. He’s an example to all of us who sometimes complain about life’s difficulties.

I call him a Ukrainian hero!

Alex Brzhezitskyy