“Following the example of Jesus, being a good Samaritan, is the foundation of true leadership,” said Nadiya Siryk, administrator Pulin Community Center. The Jesus Model for true leadership was explored by teens during their winter break in Puliny.

“A true leader is a conscious leader who always takes on 100% responsibility,” said Sasha Lubchuck, teen participant at the Conscious Leadership camp. “I want to change the world by becoming a true leader, like Jesus, always supporting and teaching others.”
Another youth, Sasha Poprotska, said, “The camp taught me how to work effectively in a group – to not only carry my own weight but to help others reach their potential as I model how Jesus worked with people.”

“The camp,” Zhenya Kostrytsya said, “changed the way I will be a team member in the future. It’s not enough to do my part. I will give it my all. I want to become a coach, a challenger, a creator.”
Through the Community Center programs for youth, Nadiya has given the youth a good foundation in social, emotional and spiritual values which has resulted in a cadre of youth volunteers who assist with kids’ camps, reach out to the community, and the Lavender Festival. These youth – conscious leaders – will create the new future for Ukraine.