Christmas is a magical time when people come together to share kindness with others.

Anna Onishchuk, a photographer, and Inna Radzivelyuk, a hairstylist, were inspired to organize an event to bring joy and happiness to the teens and children involved at the Pulyny Center. Together with Nadiya Siryk, director of the center, and teen volunteers, a New Year’s fairytale event was presented for children and their parents.

The event included a class on weaving hairstyles, creative tasks for children, and a theatrical performance. Anna took memorable photos and everyone was excited to be part of the event.

Donations given by parents of the children made it possible for Christmas gifts to be purchased for 15 children who were forced to spend Christmas in a local hospital.

The children, ages 1 to 13 years old, were cheered up by the gifts and Lena Berchuk, nurse to the widows in the center, in a colorful costume.

The Samaritan lifestyle is being spread throughout the community as volunteers catch the spirit of giving and sharing.

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Yana Vozniuk, Administrative Assistant to SMU core team