We are often asked, “How are things going with Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine?”

If you asked that question today, we would answer: “Good! SMU is strong and healthy. Our staff is doing a great job and we are well-positioned for future growth and development.”

That answer is especially important in light of a leadership change with the resignation of Alex Brzhezytskyy and appointment of Nadiya Siryk as National Director.

The resignation of Alex was not totally unexpected. For a number of years, he has had a dream of expanding his Roots and Green Tours into a full-time business so that he could give back to SMU. That time has come. “I believe in SMU,” Alex said, “and I am absolutely committed to doing what I can to see the work continue to grow and prosper.”

When Alex was appointed as national director in 2002, SMU was a small, nonprofit organization housed in Vyhoda with outreach into a number of small villages. Under his leadership, SMU has become what it is today, a dynamic organization with two widows’ houses, a leadership training center, a counseling center, a First Aid Clinic, a Small Business Loan program, and more.

Since Nadiya joined our staff as Director of the Samaritan Training Center in Pulyny eleven years ago, she has shown herself to be a strong leader with a wide-range variety of organizational skills, a heart for leadership development and a passion for training and empowering others to become Samaritans. Her outreach ministry to children and youth has resulted in the Samaritan lifestyle becoming a reality in the community. We can rest assured that the future of SMU is in good hands.

It is anticipated that Alex will continue to play a significant role in SMU in the further development of the “Roots Tours” and the establishment of various social enterprises that will help SMU to become more financially sustainable.

We are deeply grateful to Alex for the many years of his service to SMU. He has endeared himself to many people. His resignation will become effective June 1.

Going forward, the work will be centralized in a Leadership Team, comprised of three Ukrainians: Nadiya Siryk, Yana Vozniuk (Administrative Assistant), and Sasha Gerasymchuk (Financial Director), working together with a US team comprised of Nancy Miller, Margi Mach and Tim Miller.

God has continued to provide leaders for SMU with deep integrity, amazing gifts and a passion for meeting the needs of others through mercy and love.

Nancy B. Miller, Executive Director
Donald N. Miller, Founder