Samaritan Training Center

To address the needs we have observed in Ukraine, we have built a community training center in Chervonoarmejsk (aka as Pulin), a hub town of 5,000 inhabitants, serving approximately 25 villages. The purpose of the center is to train and empower people to become Samaritans. We believe it is important for us, not only to be good Samaritans, but to teach others “to go and do likewise.”

The core of our values, beliefs, and ministries center on the Good Samaritan story and Jesus’ teaching on the Great Commandment. Everything we do is based on loving God and loving others (Luke 10:25-37). This is the heart of the Gospel and the Samaritan Way of life. Our mission is to see individuals and whole communities transformed by God’s love. Jesus’ self-giving love is central to the transformation process.

The Samaritan Way Illustrated

This can best be illustrated in the graphic, The Samaritan Way.

We believe that as we are transformed by Christ’s self-giving love, we will demonstrate the same qualities of mercy, action, faithfulness, and sacrifice, as seen in the life and ministry of Jesus.
We exist first and foremost as a community of love. It is part of our very being as individuals and as an organization. We then make every effort to doing acts of love and mercy as we give ourselves in sacrificial service to others. And finally, we faithfully engage in speaking words of truth and love as we teach, train, and empower others to become Samaritans. We believe that this is the ideal order of demonstrating God’s self-giving love to the world. First, in being, then in doing, and finally in speaking.
In all of our saying, doing and being, we seek to live in harmony with the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus.

The Samaritan Way Implemented

We seek to do this by teaching, training and modeling in a variety of ways and areas of needs. This includes the development of leadership, life skills, and a positive self-image.

Children and teens are given a voice in creating their own programs of learning and are encouraged to participate in the Second Step (a program focused on the development of a healthy lifestyle). Adults are schooled in a parental training program, Making Parenting a Pleasure, and in the development of social enterprises, not only to make a profit, but to benefit a worthy cause.The newly-established Pulin Community and Business Center collaborates with the European University in Zhitomir in their efforts to bring social enterprises and business opportunities to the forefront for the next generation of leaders.

The end goal of everything we do is to see individuals and whole communities transformed by God’s love and become contributing members of society.

The Samaritan Way is taught and modeled in all that we say and do in every program of SMU.