First Aid Clinics

In many remote villages in the Zhitomir region where we work there are no doctors, dentists, nurses or hospitals. People have to travel 30 to 40 km to the nearest big city for the simplest of care and much further in the event of an emergency.

In an effort to meet this need, we have established two First Aid clinics, one in Neudorf, a small village approximately 40 km from Zhitomir and the other in the remote region near Chernobyl.

Village of Neudorf

Dr. Olga, as she is known in the community, is a paramedic, who runs the clinic in Neudorf out of her home. She gives shots, takes blood pressure, cleans and dresses wounds, administers drugs, and even sets bones. People come to her for help day and night. Because many villagers cannot afford prescribed drugs or her services, she offers her medical services free of charge.

In addition, Dr. Olga spends one day a week in the nearby village of Solodryi, where she attends to the medical needs of children in the local school; to aging adults in a small medical clinic, and farm workers right out in the open field. She is the only medical person in the area.

Chernobyl Region

Pavel, a retired military veteran, serves in the Chernobyl region, where many villagers are still suffering from the residual effects of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. He is a doctor of a different kind. He is an herbal doctor. He goes to the forest and collects herbs of many different kinds and makes his own medicine and ointments.

Pavel travels from village to village with his backpack on his motor bike. He administers drugs, dresses wounds, changes bandages, prays for healing, and offers words of encourgement. Last year he covered over 8,000 km on his motorbike in sun, rain and snow. He ministers mostly to people who live in the most remote areas or who have been given up as hopeless by the medical profession.

Both Dr. Olga and Pavel receive a small stipend from our mission for their services.