Vigoda Sustainable Farm

These children are from a broken and needy family. This man, one of the Rehab guys at the Center, took the time to spend a couple of hours with the children telling them about the goats, giving them rides on the wheelbarrow, cutting hay for the newly-acquired calves -- all in an effort to bring a little joy into their lives. Then the man gave each of the children a surprise bag. When they opened the bag, the children were filled with glee. Inside their bags were clothes for them and their mother. This is a Samaritan at work. Ten years ago Vigoda was a dark place. Today, it is a light house.

USA Partnership

This link takes you to the website of GNN (Good Neighbor Network) in Portland, OR., the non-profit in the USA with whom we are affiliated.

Canadian Connection

This link takes you to the website of HART (Humanitarian Aid Response Team) in Calgary, AB., with whom we have an agreement to handle our Canadian donations.